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  • Unc r Hypocrits Dec 1, 2012

    The ONLY right decision for Gio is to go pro. That's all.

  • VT1994Hokie Nov 29, 2012

    I believe some want him back to UNC for their own selfish reasons. Gio has experienced problems with his knees. One ACL surgery already. He's not super man. It's a no-brainer for him to go Pro; in my opinion. I hated to see David Wilson leave early, Darren Evans, Williams, and a host of others... but look at the money they have in the bank for their families.

  • StunGunn Nov 27, 2012

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    So true, Doc, but I think there were too many exceptions granted here, judging by some of the posts:)

  • mrwufabc Nov 27, 2012

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    I just googled, the guy is an actor now. WHAT???? He did play in the NFL, but my point is the same. His knee injury against Maryland never gave him the same chance at greatness.

  • mrwufabc Nov 27, 2012

    If Gio had missed no games to injury, then I'd say he should stay. He missed several games to injuries and comes across as an injury prone guy. Nothing against him, he just looks like he gets hurt. If he stays, I see a real chance of him getting hurt bad. Like career ending bad. I realize I want to see him go because I hate unc, but if he were at NC State, I'd feel the same way. Eddie Goines comes to mind with his ACL against Maryland at the next to last game of the season his senior year. He was on the short list for Heisman. I don't think he ever played another game. I could be wrong. I'm sure people are going to try and say I'm wrong about the Heisman, but I kept the news clippings. USA Today had him #7 in the Heisman race mid season. I'm all for getting an education, but his position is prone to injury and he is an injury prone kid.

  • Leave it to Beaver Reruns Nov 26, 2012

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    "your the dummy"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......I think I would say that you'rethe dummy.

  • 30yearsofmediocrity Nov 26, 2012

    Stay......Buy a big insurance Policy.......Take a shot at winning the Heisman

  • tarheelgrad1998 Nov 26, 2012

    He's a great college back, but no way he goes first or second round if he comes out this year. RBs aren't as desirable as they once were, and even "NFL ready" backs like Mark Ingram have struggled. Plus, Gio hasn't proven to be durable. No team will invest higher than a third round pick on him at this point.

    I think Sproles is a perfect analogy, and he went fourth round. He also got a couple of fat checks after his rookie deal. Gio may very well go this year, and hope to get to that second contract a year earlier.

  • doser Nov 26, 2012

    No Gio was committed to ND and dropped it to go to UNC. Golson on the other hand saw the light and dropped his commitment to UNC to go to ND. How great is that working out for him.

    Gio probably went to UNC to avoid the stiff competition he would face in the ND back field as well as the true academic work he would face!

    still heelman 1973 your the dummy!

  • iron fist Nov 26, 2012

    Hate to see him go, the Heels will miss his talent next season but he should go before injuries keep him out of the NFL Good luck to you Gio

  • Leave it to Beaver Reruns Nov 26, 2012

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    Yeah, as much as I hate to see the state and conference's best talent go (and I really do) I know it is very risky to return. But, if he does come out ACC and nation. Dude is straight beast mode. I can't wait to draft him on a fantasy draft.

  • Turheel Nov 26, 2012

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    If he comes back, he'll only be a junior. He red-shirted as a freshman.

  • QC Nov 26, 2012

    Unfinished business. Heisman and BCS bowl opportunities. "Senior" year. Most of the playmakers back. Top 25 recruiting class coming in. Take a big old injury insurance policy and come back. Why be in a hurry to leave the pleasures of a senior year school environment for a typical 3-5 years of workmanlike football in the NFL if the policy covers the injury chance? If the money can be insured, some life experiences outweigh "even more" money.

  • VT1994Hokie Nov 26, 2012

    Gio did a super job at UNC. His knee can only take so many hits. Take the money and Go Gio. Once you have an ACL injury, you're on short time in most cases.

  • baldchip Nov 26, 2012

    STAY IN SCHOOL!!! Another year will make you even more valuable.
    I see Him as a receiver and returner---the next Devin Hester for the Chicago Bears!! Teams kick away from him.

  • Turheel Nov 26, 2012

    I think Gio will be back at UNC next year. He's not an NFL-type running back, so he would be used more like a Darren Sproles. Not sure how high he would go in the draft either. Whatever he feels is in his best interest, I'm for it.

  • still heelman1973 Nov 26, 2012

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    Wrong guy, dummy!

  • doser Nov 26, 2012

    Too bad he dropped his commitment to ND for UNC. Right now he would be preparing for the National Championship game instead of sitting home wondering what is next! Probably wondering what a high profile game like that would do for his Pro Prospects!

  • Dr. Feelgood Nov 26, 2012

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    We might want to start administering a entry exam on here because that one would most likely have to be granted an academic exception, right Gunny?

  • Dr. Feelgood Nov 26, 2012

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    What do you say BP. Yep, gotta go and hope to get to the 2nd contract. 1st or 2nd round does not matter, he will contribute. The upside is minimal, the downside...he can get the NCAA insurance policy against injury and also a private policy but the Heels have some nice depth and as much as I'd like to see him make a Heisman run, it's so slanted towards the Big 10, SEC, and Pac 12 it would be a real long shot.

  • StunGunn Nov 26, 2012

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    I think we all got it - just read the posts.

  • wjuliang Nov 26, 2012

    160 yards with the flu.
    Definitely can't blame him for going. But the article did point out potential for increased earnings/promotion for another good year in college. Whatever his decision, great for him!

  • Boot-the-DC-Tyrant Nov 26, 2012

    Look at Marcus Lattimore. Gio better go while he can, as much as I hate to see him leave early.

  • jacamoe Nov 26, 2012

    Last time I checked, Gio spells GO. Those of you at unc might take a while to get that one.

  • KevInApex Nov 25, 2012

    Would love for him to stay but I think he would be foolish not to make the big money he has the potential to make while healthy.

  • prez23062 Nov 25, 2012

    Goodbye, Gio. Go make your millions. We will always be thankful for the time you've spent at UNC.

  • Ken D. Nov 25, 2012

    Say goodbye, Gio. It's been fun.

  • Leave it to Beaver Reruns Nov 25, 2012

    I don't think it is much of a decision to make. Shelf life for a running back is about 3-4 years. Time to take those talents to the league.

  • ncstatefan13 Nov 25, 2012

    Go... please. :)

  • StunGunn Nov 25, 2012

    As much as I'd love to see Gio playing for Fedora next year, there is really only one answer: Gio will go Pro. The risk of injury should Gio decide to stay in school far outweighs any benefit of better draft status. Gio has a target on his back and has taken a pounding in every game. I'll miss seeing #26 next year, but I wish Gio all the best and appreciate all he's done for Carolina football; he was a bright spot in what could have been a very bleak season.

  • shakennotstirred Nov 25, 2012

    I'd be shocked if he stayed another year. He had a solid season, not just a few good games, Plus who knows where these constant scandals, coverups and ever increasing investigations are going to wind up. Us State fans say, "Run Gio, run!"
    Take Renner with you! Congrats Gio...

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