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  • uBnice Apr 5, 2014

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    It is the money! If the gifted student could match the gifted athlete in bringing in millions of dollars, then there would be equality.

    But all of this is about the decision making ability and ethics of the ones in charge. The unqualified athletes do not stage protest to get into school. They are recruited to play ball and the school knows that they are not academically good enough to enter (or graduate). But the schools violate their own mission and ethics.

    I would like to finally see the focus on the decision makers and see them taken to task. This emphasis on the players themselves is simply a diversion.

  • Hal Price Apr 3, 2014
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    Most athletes couldn't gain entrance like a non athlete could to most universities. Sad that gifted students get denied but some oaf can shoot a ball or run a football waltzes right in. And can't read this post.

  • 1jalapeno Apr 3, 2014

    These kids in big time football and basketball programs are athletes first and students second. They are not in school to learn they are in school to contribute to the success of the football or basketball program. Alumni aren't building multi-million dollar sport facilities and paying coaches millions of dollars to ensure these athletes graduate with a meaningful degree. Stop with the nonsense. These kids are paid to play, just not with anything really meaningful for most of them.


    It happens everywhere. Deal with it.

  • seedofdoubt Apr 2, 2014

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    They have time for speaking engagements and interviews, but not enough time for academics? Nail on the head andy2. Those poor little boys should try working third shift in a steel foundry to pay for that education. Lots of students carry full time jobs while in school...ain't nothing special about being a student-athlete.

  • dlnorri Apr 2, 2014

    There seems to be a big difference between student athletes that take heavy course load during the off season and adds some summer classes; then takes a light load during competition season; vs. what was going on at UNC (No show classes and degrees made up of many no-show classes. I always wondered how the big east and sec kept all of their athletes eligable; knowing they had some lower acedemic standards. But I believe UNC set a standard that has not been found anywhere else.

  • LuvsThePack Apr 2, 2014

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    As I expected, you refused to answer the question.

    Rodney was not an issue. State did everything by the book and the NCAA cleared him.

    Cat may speak in ebonics, which is simply a reflection of the side of town he is from.

    You have nothing on EITHER of these two players.

    Now answer the question.

  • alphaman Apr 1, 2014

    I just love it....40+ years of having to digest the tripe coming out of unc and finally....the curtain has been pulled back. And how quick the lifers are to shoot the messenger(s) or minimize the situation. It's always someone else to blame. YOU are as much the problem as anyone else. Grow a set; stand up for what's right; admit guilt; take responsibility and THEN move forward. But that last sentence may as well have begun with "once upon a time," as the unc faithful will never face the reality of how they've lived a lie for all these years. Yep, it's the carolina way as I've heard for 40 years. Now the rest of us know what it truly means. Peace out....

  • Mary is a liar Apr 1, 2014

    Until some other NCSUniversities come out and tell the truth about what's going on at their university, then it won't be about anything but bashing UNC, not the system.

  • Dana McCall Apr 1, 2014
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    "Being shorted"? The person being shorted is the qualified person who wanted to go to UNC and couldn't because some imbecile who plays football got the seat instead. The dumb athlete should just appreciate that he got a chance to continue playing football, because he surely wouldn't have been in college if athletics were abolished. The qualified athletes, on the other hand, _want_ to take real classes and get an education. (BTW, 40hrs a week on non-academics really isn't that big of an imposition on a qualified student taking 12 hours of _real_ classes, Deunta)

  • UNCW23 Apr 1, 2014

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    No more than Rodney Purvis or Cat Barber. Cat can barely speak in complete sentences!

  • LuvsThePack Apr 1, 2014

    UNC70, I understand the need to wait for the facts to come out. But your post comes across as an attempt to shoot the messenger. Same for UN*C's response to MW.

    Tell me your honest opinion. Regardless of what MW has stated, do you (in your heart of hearts) honestly not believe some serious monkey business has been going on at Carolina with regards to shady, if not against NCAA rules, methods for keeping players eligible?

    And "but everyone does it" is not an answer to my question.

  • unc70 Apr 1, 2014

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    Willingham and Smith have backtracked considerably in just what that paper was. It was not the final paper for a paper only class nor the final paper for AFAM 41. According to Smith, it was left on Willingham's computer 8+ years ago. Did MW allow the paper to be turned in? Since the paper appears to have been copied from the book, when and where did that happen? Where was MW at that time? Lots of other questions.

  • LuvsThePack Apr 1, 2014

    But what is wrong with that? That is to be expected. At least in that example, the athlete is actually taking REAL classes. When I was at State, I took light course loads because I worked my way through. When you're busy with something outside of academics (in my case, WORK!) you take light course loads.

    This has NOTHING to so with the fraud that was going on at UN*C. Players receiving an A- (for a three credit hour class) for a single paper that took no more than a half hour to write, was completely plagiarized, and not even worth of an F-minus!

    What was going on at Carolina is a FAR, FAR cry from some kind of systemic problem across the nation.

    Deunta's comments are clearly geared toward taking the heat off Carolina. No doubt Carolina officials are HAPPY with what he said. I figure they probably scripted it for him.

    But no worries. The truth is coming out.

  • gradysj Apr 1, 2014

    I've always been a little confused about the length of subject paper. While the front page contained ten sentences. It looked like that there were other pages beyond the first page. Has it been established that the paper in question numbered only ten sentences, and that the pages that could be seen behind the page were not a continuation of subject paper?

  • andy2 Apr 1, 2014

    40 hours a week to athletics? 16 hours School work? My wife worked a job, took care of our kids and received a masters. She was in her 40's at the time. The gall of these kids acting like things are so tough really scalds me. Please leave school and work out on your own until you are old enough to go to the combine. In my opinion you are polluting the educational process.

  • violaharris39 Apr 1, 2014

    I believe colleges and universities are doing a disservice to student athletes by not expressing that "student" lies in front of their descriptions and should come first. But we all know that on the college level, it has become about the almighty "Dollar" and parents should object to their children being "used" to bring money to universities who are not making sure their children are really getting a good education. Then parents should also take some of the blame by not making sure their "student" athletes go to college prepared (knowing how to read) while in high school.

  • unbiasedaccfan Apr 1, 2014

    In response to tattler....I for one would gladly watch real student athletes play sports even if the ability level dropped 25% across the board. I am tired of watching athletes like Marvin Williams and others who are only there for athletics and not school. I remember back when Dayton, Davidson type schools made the final four and I was OK with that too. While those schools have maintained their standards, the Alabamas and UNCs of the world have turned their programs into "semi-professional" teams with students that aren't there for an education. One reason I watch very little college football anymore.

  • olivechapel1000 Apr 1, 2014

    Since college sports May be more of labor issue than and academic issue, I wonder how it will be before there is some class action law suit over this. Perhap no athlete left behind slogan.

  • ospreysilver Apr 1, 2014

    Everyone knows athletes will never be held to same academic standards as the normal student population! The elite colleges require extremely high SAT scores to be admitted and it would be fair to say less than .0001% can dunk a basketball, bust through a defensive line. or throw a fast ball 103mph. Big time rich colleges are recruiting from the poorest areas of the country to recruit their players, not the NC School of Math and Science!! After this story all colleges will now require athletes to hold a 3.5 gpa in a competitive major, their will be an overweight Ms. America, beer guts and man breasts will be sexy, doctors will allow you to pay your bills with a chicken or goat, our cars will run on happy thoughts, Duke Energy will stop polluting our water, and beach towels with the confederate flag will no longer be sold in Myrtle Beach. Man this is great, this story has changed everything!

  • Imma Annoid Apr 1, 2014
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    If an athlete can't get into the school on academic merit, then they should not be in the school to begin with.

  • Salatheal Hasty Apr 1, 2014
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    Every time I read a story about academics & athletics in relation to this UNC investigation I laugh...ANYBODY that has attended college (DI,DII,DIII,etc) knows that athletes get "free" passes in classes and some of them never should have gotten accepted to that school...But when a school wins championships nobody cares that Johnny can't read or write well but only that he can hit 3's or score TD's... Most are not student athletes they are just "Athletes" that just happen to be enrolled at an University...True story from a former DI football player that I know...He wanted to major in Chemistry but the coach told him did you come here for schooling or to play Football and changed his major to Communications....#sad

  • jbboone Apr 1, 2014

    Are you listening NCAA? This "system" was supported by elements of the university - to keep athletes on the field AND basketball court. Come get the banners - and UNC's record against Clemson in basketball is toast.

  • Alex25 Apr 1, 2014

    UNC's players haven't been to class in decades -- it only recently was discovered.

  • tattler Apr 1, 2014

    Fake classes - no excuse...
    ...but that there are students who were accepted into a university who would not be at the university except for their athletic ability and have academic skills way below their fellow students? No News - every school that allows athletic scholarships has those.

    1. no one seems to be upset that they got thru high school with those skill levels
    2. would the atheletes/students been worse off or better off for being admitted to campus?
    3. would all us "fans"/boosters be OK with watching college athletics with "real" students, that really was nothing more than intramural sports between campuses, like it was 60 years ago, or with losing records but all our students graduated with credible degrees? Let's go look in the mirror for part of the problem

    ...and btw, none of this necessarily means that MW is right in her research and conclusions

  • Randy Smith Apr 1, 2014
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    Sounds like Farenheit66966 needs to go back to school and brush up on his reading comprehension skills. I was thinking the same thing reading his little rant. WRAL was just reporting what Deunta said. I'm starting to think folks just read the headlines, and comment without reading the story. Sheesh!!!

  • healybj8 Apr 1, 2014

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    Don't forget a fake degree. Can't read, yet graduate from unc.

  • olivechapel1000 Apr 1, 2014

    Lack of instituional control comes to mind.

  • Countrylawyer Apr 1, 2014

    Pathetic, when I have audited and seen the corruption in college athletics. Believe me, I did not sign the audit report, but a partner did for the money.

  • Jeanne Gunn Apr 1, 2014
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    I think Deunta Williams was honest in his interviews and gave what he knows are both sides of the story: it's difficult for some student athletes to keep up the "student" part of the equation, so Carolina and other Universities, come up with ways to keep athletes eligible. I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying it's the way it was done. Williams makes a very valid point when he said the problem is when athletes "graduate" and don't have the skills to get a job.

  • Keith Bonham Apr 1, 2014
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    This wasn't a real paper, that wasn't Julius Peppers' realtranscript. UNC keeps trying to put out these little fires while the woods are smoldering behind them. But they've got 3 National Title Banners hanging in what's left of the trees...

  • TTCP Apr 1, 2014

    They are all liars.

  • Mary is a liar Mar 31, 2014

    If MW was doing her job, she would never had let anyone turn in a paper like that. Why would she keep that paper on her computer for 8 years? Is she still using an 8 year old computer? I've heard Mary is transferring to N.C. State.

  • unc70 Mar 31, 2014

    Willingham and her partner Jay Smith have changed their story regarding the paper shown on screen. It was not the final paper in a paper only class, nor the final paper in AFAM 41 at all. Even the N&O has issued a correction.

    Exactly what the source of the paper and how it came to be in Willingham's possession is unclear. Their story keeps changing as each new version raises new questions. I think the latest explanation by Smith is that it was left on Willingham's computer by the student she was tutoring. It seems that any such scenario would involve multiple violations of UNC policies and regulations by Willingham. If she "found" the document, she still has a lot of explaining to do.

    I suspect that Smith has little personal knowledge regarding the paper, Willingham's so-called research, or much of anything else.

  • otis4411 Mar 31, 2014

    He is still wrong on one important thing. There is a difference in "easy" classes and fake classes. So far UNC is alone in that category.

  • Chatham Adam Mar 31, 2014

    WRAL writes, "On the same 'Outside the Lines' segment North Carolina whistleblower and tutor Mary Willingham revealed a 10-sentence paper by a UNC football player that earned an A- in one of the 'paper classes' athletes took to lighten their workload. Willingham has made claims that several athletes she worked with at UNC read at elementary or middle school levels."

    Come on, WRAL, get up to date. Mary W has sense acknowledged that AFAM 41, which was last offered 7-8 years ago, was never a "paper" class and that the supposed student did not get his final grade solely because of this supposed paper. It also appears that the supposed paper was typed on MW's own computer, per the postings today by UNC Prof. Jay Smith, her business partner. You've got a questionable source here, WRAL.

  • farenheit66966 Mar 31, 2014

    To obejective scientist,
    WRAL has been apologist central for unc-ch since this started. And they will continue to either avoid the issue, or cloud it with the stance that this is a cancer in society, not within the walls of
    South Building.
    Look at the first three quotes from Williams in the story. Both detailing the nationwide epidemic that consumes college athletes.
    Only at the end of the article does it even approach placing any blame on unc-ch's administrators in any of this. And even then, it's a "we'll still be winners if we do the right thing."

    The time for unc-ch, and WRAL to do the right thing passed some time ago.
    Thank God for Dan Kane, John Drescher, and the rest of the national media for keeping this story alive.

  • Objective Scientist Mar 31, 2014

    What the hell? You're "jumping all over WRAL" when it was Deunta Williams who said "the rest of the country" was having the same issue as is Carolina! WRAL is simply reporting what Williams said! And, I do not work for and I know no one at WRAL. I have 3 earned degrees from Carolina and I've been in classes with and/or had the opportunity to observe UNC athletes in the classroom. Some are truly GREAT students and have the academic record to prove it. Some... to use William's words "weren't the sharpest tool in the shed", and indeed had trouble reading what even an average high school student would have no trouble! There is a large group of athletes in between those two extremes. HBO/ESPN gets someone like Williams to tell that side the story. UNC "counters" with statements by athletes who are good students and successful academically who never darkened the door of a 'paper only" class. Both HBO/ESPN and UNC must think we are all a "bunch of dummies".

  • early exit Roy Mar 31, 2014

    Mr. Williams has a point. But he should have elaborated more. We all know that grades are changed sometimes to keep athletes eligible. The difference is MOST schools don't create no show classes. Then they give an A or B in that c;lass to the athlete. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE! BOGUS CLASSES!

  • farenheit66966 Mar 31, 2014

    Yes, WRAL. Please let's once again make this about the rest of the country having a problem, and not the lying, concealing, obstructing and obfuscating that the unc-ch administration has done the last four years.
    They have been caught red-handed, and it's been admitted by their own people. Players, staff, and former deans of schools there.
    They have wasted the taxpayers money, time, and patience.
    And you have the gall to pacify their guilt by casting it on other "criminals".

    I remember twenty or thirty years ago when you actually were a news provider, not a shill for corruption.
    Get Cullen Browder to go do a feel-good peace about putting this all behind them. Then the santimony will indeed be complete.

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