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  • Doc Holliday Apr 8, 2014

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    Impressive run by UConn, heck of a job by their coach. Would like to see a 2 year requirement though. It's not like baseball where guys spend years in the minors. These guys can jump to the NBA immediately. What's one more year at the college level?

  • tcoutouzis Apr 8, 2014

    I don't agree. Honestly, those games in January do mean something because every team is playing to make the NCAA tournament. Both teams had pitfalls during the season, but when it mattered the most they galvanized as a team and put on a run. To me, that shows character when your team can come together at the right time and beat all the higher seeded teams in their bracket. Even though I am not fond of Calipari, he did a great job of coaching to get his team together and make a championship run. Personally I like watching underdogs make a run and play for a national title. Remember Butler?

  • dickle Apr 8, 2014

    Mandy I don't see a post w/ this info, so you've probably seen/heard by now that last night's final game had the largest TV audience ever. So there!

  • packguy Apr 8, 2014

    The regular season did mean something, Mandy. Kentucky and UConn were seven and eight seeds and had tough games the whole way. Florida had the easier road and still couldn't get it done. And by the way this is Raleigh, which in 1983 saw a team "get hot at the right time" and beat a heavily favored Houston team. Better not step on those toes...

  • vt94hokies Apr 7, 2014

    Mandy. Please write more articles on here. Tudor's stuff is wearing old now.

  • Obamacare returns again Apr 7, 2014

    I hate both these teams and won't watch 1 minute of this garbage.

  • vt94hokies Apr 7, 2014

    I too hate that Florida lost. However, the games have been really competitive since the sweet 16. And all of these teams are playing with great emotion, hustle, and desire. Pulling for UConn tonight.

  • jhigman1960 Apr 7, 2014

    Wow! Where does one begin to dissect this corpse of a blog? Don Baylor has cancer that weakens his bones, which is how he broke his leg. And ripping the championship game makes no sense because this is why college basketball is great. Anyone can win the tournament if they get hot and has the right matchups. UConn was a bad matchup for Florida. And, to Silverwolf's comments about Ms. Mitchell being a "biased sports writer," a correction as she is not a sports writer biased or otherwise. Biased TV news reader perhaps toward the SEC or ACC but not a sports writer.

  • jmcdow2792 Apr 7, 2014

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    You are correct.
    It is a matter of perceived status. Most (if not all) public venues have drinking water fountains and despite the nay sayers, public water systems are higly regulated and safe. The state of technical sophistication today is such that the source of a water probably could be determined rather easily if it really made any difference.

  • lewiskr45 Apr 7, 2014

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    Well when teams typically don't allow food or drinks to be brought in, bringing in cheaper stuff is impossible.

  • Objective Scientist Apr 7, 2014

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    Right on JUSTABUMER! You ask THE most appropriate question. However, I agree with Mandy's assertion that "I am absolutely certain people will buy the water." I am a former athlete and I am a big sports fan... and I "study" sport. One observation that many have made is the exorbitant cost of everything once you enter a sports venu... food and drink cost many times what they would just a block away... yet we pay it! Would anyone ever pay such outlandish prices if they stopped at a convenience story by the highway... or in a grocery store... or any where? NO! We'd most likely "keep on trucking" down the road. Yes... it is a "captive audience" situation - what choice do we have? Nevertheless, that we get "fleeced" on the price of tickets initially, then again on parking fees, only to get hit again with the outlandish concessions prices... and no truly vocal protest? We tolerate much with sport that we would not in any other context!!!

  • Hammerhead Apr 7, 2014

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    Not sure what constitutes "hating", but it's not a requirement to like everyone or everything. Just part of the adversarial nature of sports. I called someone a hater once, and they said I obviously didn't know what a hater was. This proves it.

  • Steve MacComas Apr 7, 2014
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    Read between the fingers ya worthless piece of gator bait. If your FL team was there you'd be gushing all over the place about what a wonderful game it will be. Fact is you can't give other teams their due. Biased sports writers are about as worthless as a pocket in one's underwear.

  • justabumer Apr 7, 2014

    The obvious question is how to prove the water came from the fountains in the outfield? I think the more obvious question is, "Who cares?".

  • UpChuck Apr 7, 2014

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    Because, you know, she's not wearing those Gator Glasses...ha ha...whatever.

  • Toddler10-21 Apr 7, 2014

    I really hate to see any one of these teams lose. UConn would tie Duke for Nat titles and I think one behind UNC. UK adding another title and proving again that you can win with a lot of freshman. Does this have anything to do with the haters? Cal does talk a lot but its amazing how he gets 100% out of his freshman. I love Ollie also who would have thought he would be where he is tonight?

  • Hammerhead Apr 7, 2014

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    Well, Green Bay has another Super Bowl under the same circumstances. Play well at the right time. I'm not the biggest fan of Cal, only because he opens his mouth a little too much for me not because of his methods. I'm pulling for UCONN because I like Ollie, seems like a great guy.

  • dave437 Apr 7, 2014

    this article makes no sense. she says the games have been 'great and competitive' to the end, then says she doesn't like how this season is ending?

  • Jeanne Gunn Apr 7, 2014
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    You know I'm a Heels fan, Tod, but I've really enjoyed these NCAAT's, and I love the contrast between the young Coach Oliver pitted against the experienced and often maligned Coach Cal. Two great teams, and I have NO idea who will win. Who had UCONN in the Championship game??? I think it is more fun to see teams get hot late in the season, overcome adversity, etc. than see a team who steamrolled their way through the regular season as well as the Tourney. Tonight's game should be great IMHO, even if the Heels aren't in it.

  • Toddler10-21 Apr 7, 2014

    Hammer its all about unc/duke around here. Cal winning with mostly freshman probably again something that K or Roy hasn't been able to do. Ollie a young coach in his second year playing in the title game. Both big time basketball schools with tradition. A few on here are honest they just don't like neither team, but most are haters. As for 83 isn't that what you want your team to be is playing your best during this time of the year? See what I mean hammer?

  • NCSU84 Apr 7, 2014

    Hate to disagree, but the NCAA tournament was very exciting. I cant wait for tonights game. If you want the #1 team throughout the season to be crowned #1, why play the tournament? Your gators lost, move on....

  • Hammerhead Apr 7, 2014

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    I'm wondering why the "pure" basketball fan wouldn't enjoy this game. I figured the casual fan won't tune in, but not the real basketball fans. Congrats, I'm a Badger fan but couldn't watch the game. All that matters is the final score really.

  • doaklee Apr 7, 2014

    Folks in Kentucky are excited.. Don't worry about excitement Mandy soon you'll be covering Johnston Co. high school football

  • 27228 Apr 7, 2014

    I have to disagree. By your logic, the 1983 tourney was "blah" because it was won by a team that just happened to get hot at the right time.

  • Toddler10-21 Apr 7, 2014

    B if unc and duke were playing for the title I would feel the same as you abt uconn/UK. I won't be mad either way tonight. Young coach winning in only his second year. Cal winning and the haters really hate. Winning a second title with freshman. Name one coach in the country that will not take a five star one and done player. UK is destroying college basketball. Give me a break.

  • Jeanne Gunn Apr 7, 2014
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    The Final Four games were very good, and I meant to say tonight's game should be anything but "blah". We won't know until after 9:20 tonight, but I expect a great game.

  • Jeanne Gunn Apr 7, 2014
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    Great piece, Mandy, with several very interesting articles.

    I think the Final Four was anything but "blah", and I also think the regular season still means something, as it determines a team's seeding for the NCAA's. Coach Cal argued about Kentucky's 8-seed, and his Wildcats have beaten very good teams to get to the Championship game. Who had UCONN in tonight's game? This is what makes the NCAAT so much fun.

    I have beach front property to sell to anyone who buys that Royal water for $20.

    GREAT story about Matt Harvey!

    Thanks, Mandy!

  • Kevin O'Donnell Apr 7, 2014
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    Agree. This title game is a big time snoozer. Kentucky's current crop of one-and-done players destroy the concept of college students. UConn is not much better. Basketball factories is the proper phrase

  • Doc Holliday Apr 7, 2014

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    I'm a hater...hate both UK & uconn. The only good thing about the title game is that one of 'em gets dumped. lol

    Royal H2O - nothing royal about it as they haven't been relevant in years. Last time they won a WS (their only title), they had the greatest 3rd baseman of all-time playing for them. $20 for water? Hilarious!

  • Toddler10-21 Apr 7, 2014

    Ok Hater! Duke lost to Wake. UNC lost to Belmont. If these two were in the final four alot will be very happy. What does who you lost to early in the season have to do with now? UConn beat Florida twice which means they are better. Duke won it all in 2010 were they considered a great team?

  • Rerun Apr 6, 2014

    OK Mandy,
    I have not commented lately on your usually different perspective but good insightful editorials, but I could not resist this one.
    The Florida/UConn semifinal was in a word "terrible". To be a Senior based team, they could not make any adjustments during the game. UConn is a good team but????
    Your friends are right though, the national champion this year as well as many years will be a tournament champion with the season only setting the table for the dance.

    Call me a hater, LOL

  • Hammerhead Apr 6, 2014

    Wouldn't "pure" basketball fans appreciate the current scenario?

  • RBBretired Apr 6, 2014

    This isn't college football, where a single regular season loss ends your championship hopes. The basketball regular season determines who gets to the post-season tourney, but you have to be playing well to advance. The Cinderella factor is what makes it exciting, and different than football.

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