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  • Objective Scientist Mar 25, 2011

    The idea of Pearl being "wanted" by anyone is, on the surface, almost "comical" and unbelievable. However... HOWEVER... believe it or not, my observation of collegiate athletics over several decades leads me to think that every school, NOT "just" NCSU, every school has at least a small group of "fans/supporters" that truly don't "care" about anything but winning. There is a group that would make a deal with anyone, the "Devil" himself, if they thought he would come in and make them a winner. I'd like to think that Pearl's coaching career - any paid position to coach - is OVER. It is impossible to imagine ANY AD, ANY University Chancellor/President, any "Board of Trustees" approving his hire knowing what we all know about him. That being said... I will not even "raise an eyebrow" when someone hires him because I truly expect it to happen. Someone will be willing to take a risk with him for the chance to be a "winner".

  • Lost and Loaded Mar 25, 2011

    If Pearl was the coach at NCSU and had ratted on Roy or Mike for stealing a recruit with shady recruiting, State would have erected a statue of him in front of the tower, instead of being vilified for breaking up the good ole boy network by the likes of the "all-knowing" Dick Vitale. Dude has plenty of character - just needs a bit more hubris - state would really screw up not to look at him.

  • Lost and Loaded Mar 25, 2011

    All of these posts about Pearl's supposed character flaws are really off base.
    Pearl is a very good basketball coach. His ultra competitiveness and "us against the world" attitude has led him to a "poor decision" in outing Illinois' shading recruiting practices when they stole a recruit from him and his "lying" to the NCAA by not responding to or taking seriously inquires about his minor improper contacts with recruits via facebook and TM's. He had a bad relationship with his AD - who punished him severely for his minor NCAA infractions - lost 1.5 mill in salary and eventually his job. The guy should be coaching and with a better relationship with his AD, would have easily survived at Tennessee. If NCSU is looking for a really good coach, he should be interviewed. If he establishes a good rapport with Yow and maintains it - he would be a definite upgrade.

  • smart1 Mar 25, 2011

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    Sounds like there are a few pack fans who like Pearl.
    Probably more after they find no one else willing to come.

  • robster Mar 25, 2011

    Ain't gonna happen..if it does, many fans, like myself, will totally ignore NCSU basketball for a long time.....

  • tjdebord Mar 24, 2011

    Jeff, it has to be a very, very small minority who would want Pearl. Anyone who follows college basketball knows the character of that man. I'll have to give even State fans credit of knowing better than to want Pearl. I can hear Debbie Yow laughing now.

  • jskinner23 Mar 24, 2011

    I've only heard the suggestion of Bruce Pearl from people who are laughing at the current state of the NC State basketball program.

  • Jcwolf75 Mar 24, 2011

    NO absolutly not, come on.... how do you write an entry like this, did you actually get paid to wirte that? you sir are a joke.


    I do not any real state fans-are really interest, i quess the word is troll, posers
    just to get something started, david spent a good hour to hour and half talking on this, he cant be that naive to think this good could be. LET ALL THIS FALSE bunk GO BY THE WAY SIDE!! Jeff you are better than this.

  • Lars Marson Mar 23, 2011

    If NCSU gets turned down by Tommy Amaker, Jeff Capel Jr., Shaka Smart, any of the FL Gator assistant coaches, the Head coach of Baylor, Anthony Grant(Head bball coach at Alabama), then I say go after Bruce Pearl but with hefty stipulations, those stipulations being you will work for a two year $40,000 a year salary, you will take two NCAA compliance classes each of those years and you will chekc in with AD Yow and the NCSU Compliance Director once a week on your actions within the program/recruiting/academics/fundraising, etc...but thats only if the those previous coaches I mentioned turn down NCSU FIRST!!!

  • ncguy Mar 23, 2011

    Just say "no"

  • harr2006 Mar 23, 2011

    Dont bite pack fans..

  • Tackman792000 Mar 23, 2011

    Bruce Pearl is a good coach but he's "hot" right now! If he didn't have the excessive baggage he would be a good fit. He'll bounce back like Eddie Sutton did. The State players played the whole season with very little emotion. They need someone who can light a fire underneath them. They have talent, just need some molding.

  • PACKFAN08 Mar 23, 2011

    Jeff, come on man...

    I do not know of a single NC State fan who wants Bruce Pearl anywhere near this program...sounds like some trolling going on...

    Bruce Pearl?

  • lmartin152 Mar 22, 2011

    This just in - Vote "No" on Pearl for Coach.

    Dude's got more baggage than an American Tourister Outlet Store clearance sale. No way. Can't afford him, even for a dollar and a quarter. Aim high, Pack, but not at your own head.

  • dscarver Mar 22, 2011

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    Ever heard of Monte Towe????!!!????

  • NCSU84 Mar 22, 2011

    So what happened to the WRAL blog about good Ol Roy complaining about his hotel pecking order in Charlotte and UNC changing it on their own? Did UNC get tough with WRAL folks to take it down?????

  • buckets112 Mar 22, 2011

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    izzo???? really???? delusions of grandeur.

  • VT1994Hokie Mar 22, 2011

    Jeff. Come on. Are you just trying to jack up some posts on here? Write some real material. Some on WRAL are way in front of you.

  • Rerun Mar 22, 2011

    Think about NC State fans. The true positives of this job are unreal. Great competitors want to face the best. This desire to go after an unknown is a sellout from the beginning. That's true for even a popular mid major coach. They are not going to risk their rise to the top with this program. The next coach cannot be an experiment of the skill of the "academia crowd". It cannot be a story of romance and wow they got a lot of heart. This coach has got to look down the road West of Raleigh and say big deal. We're coming to take away your toys. This program is a gold mine that has been mining silver, no, bronze for the last 20 years. Sell this program for what it is worth to Sparty's head coach. He will come.

  • Rerun Mar 22, 2011


    There is only one solid candidate for the NC State job. The program needs a strong recruiter and solid coach that will settle for nothing short of hard work. I believe he would make the move for the right kind of deal. You know who I am talking about. Sparty's head coach.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Mar 22, 2011

    Some NC State fans still want HERB back, Jeff.

    Just because someone posts that they would like Pearl to come to State doesn't mean it's any kind of consensus.

    I can't imagine State hiring someone who we know just broke the rules.

    But if Carolina can get away with hiring Butch Davis, maybe we could get away with hiring Pearl! ;)

  • braves309 Mar 22, 2011

    no way in the world do I want Pearl that lieing cheater! never do I want him!

  • truthinadvertising Mar 22, 2011

    Win or lose, I want it to be within the rules. For the moment, Pearl has proven he cannot do that. Therefore, I do not want him. I don't think most Pack fans want him either.

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