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UNC student paper catches P.J. on the court

Posted August 27, 2013

— P.J. Hairston, suspended from playing with his University of North Carolina Tar Heel teammates, can still hoop outside his Chapel Hill apartment. The Daily Tar Heel caught him doing just that Monday evening and even got the junior guard to comment on his situation.

Hairston’s summer has been checkered with legal issues and associations with a convicted felon. After he notched a third traffic violation in three months, head coach Roy Williams sat Hairston, his leading scorer from last season, with an indefinite suspension.

Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham told a faculty gathering last week that Hairston would miss some games, but the length of his suspension is still to be determined.

Hairston told the DTH that he's "trying to stay positive," and that he expects to suit up before the season is out.

UNC’s basketball kick-off event, Late Night with Roy, is scheduled for Oct. 25. The season opens Nov. 8 against Oakland, and the first ACC game is Jan. 5 at Wake Forest. Before conference play begins, the Tar Heels face high-profile opponents Michigan State (Dec. 4), Kentucky (Dec. 14) and Texas (Dec. 18).

On May 13, Hairston was pulled over for speeding in a rented Chevrolet Camaro that traced back to convicted felon and party promoter Haydn "Fats" Thomas.

On June 5, he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving without a license when he was stopped in a silver Yukon at a checkpoint in Durham. That vehicle was also rented by Thomas.

Those charges against Hairston were dismissed when he completed a drug assessment and provided proof of a valid license.


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  • kornfan2448 Sep 3, 11:05 p.m.

    So now him playing on a playground is news?

    — Posted by Coach K loves Curtis Malone.

    After reading this as the first comment, no way I was going to read 7+ pages of comments when this one summed it up perfectly.

  • blugoat Aug 28, 7:18 p.m.

    Must've been making a delivery...

    — Posted by 903 PJ suspended til NCAA clears

    Bet the pizza got there fast if he was delivering!!!!!!!!

    — Posted by johnnyaudit

    Unfortunately, the deliverer is more baked than the pie...

    — Posted by 903 PJ suspended til NCAA clears

    J.J.Redick says HIGH.

  • lindakroyal Aug 28, 11:01 a.m.

    I'm sorry...but as a UNC alum. I simply don't like the image. It would never have happened... View More

    — Posted by RamsesIV

    Must agree...his time in Chapel Hill should be DONE!! Yes they need him but not the... View More

    — Posted by trustno1

    I totally agree with this. I'm not feeling sorry for PJ. He had an opportunity to turn this around. The charges were dropped - how lucky is that - then he immediately gets a ticket driving 28 miles over the limit. That does not sound like a young man who has learned from his mistakes. The program does not need this. The program is more important than any one individual. It would hurt, but UNC could regain some much needed respect by cutting him lose.

  • carrboroyouth Aug 28, 9:37 a.m.

    It's called the Daily Tar Heel, and their stories are often the most accurate and most detailed,... View More

    — Posted by carrboroyouth

    The DTH headline for this story was "Hairston says he'll play this season". Compare... View More

    — Posted by unc70

    Reading the story, the DTH actually talks to PJ. They asked about his thoughts on the situation he's gotten himself into and interview him on his take of the upcoming season. PJ says that he's trying to stay positive. With regards to this headline, apparently he heard someone dribbling outside at his apartment's court, and decided to go outside and join. He was not playing at the Dean Dome or Carmichael.

    This article on WRAL seems to point out one thing - that we was seen with a basketball in his hands - and then reminds us of what we already know (his various run-ins with the law). What purpose does this WRAL story serve? A basketball player playing causally shooting hoops at his residence is not news...

  • mac240 Aug 28, 9:13 a.m.


  • packfan07 Aug 28, 7:18 a.m.

    Give this young man a break. ...Well, the Rams Club paid off the Durham DA, that was one break......

    — Posted by fbguru

    Who paid Lance Thomas' $100k jewelry bill? That would be an even more interesting question, but... View More

    — Posted by Jewelry-EricLeak

    Haha - so true. "Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones."

    — Posted by Native NC gal

    UNC fans have a pile of stones.

  • Chatham Adam Aug 28, 6:45 a.m.

    Wow. WRAL is really trying to out-do The Raleigh Race Baiter and Red Rager (formerly the N&O) in pandering to the cross burners and UNC obsessed State fans out there. Will its next story be about Hairston being "caught" ordering a Chicken McNuggets on West Franklin Street? ("Chicken Killed Just So Hairston's Lunch Whim Could Be Satisfied!")

  • packisback69 Aug 28, 6:13 a.m.

    Its time for Pack fans to be Pack fans instead of Heel haters. PJ deserves another chance. Leave him alone and move on. Beyond ridiculous

  • 4tarheels Aug 28, 6:02 a.m.

    In other news, PJ had Cheerios for breakfast. This isn't news. If PJ was shooting baskets in... View More

    — Posted by GunnyGoesArrrgh

    Just WRAL trying to stir up some hits. I'm telling you, without UNC stories, these media outlets are in pitiful shape.

  • heelsforever Aug 27, 10:55 p.m.

    It's called the Daily Tar Heel, and their stories are often the most accurate and most detailed,... View More

    — Posted by carrboroyouth

    The DTH headline for this story was "Hairston says he'll play this season". Compare... View More

    — Posted by unc70

    I'm actually cool with WRAL's headline. Imagine the disappointment the Fackers and d00kies felt when they actually read the article.




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