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OK. We all know that there is only one Carolina. The one that sells more merchandise nationally than any other college team on the planet. And we all know why that is. That's why we're here. To talk sports. Mainly basketball and football -- and women's soccer.

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I guess a 20 year ban put on by the NCAA would automatically mean expulsion from the ACC by halstevensaa Jan 4, 2015 0 430 No posts yet
If Cheaterville does not improve its shooting percentage they will lose the next 4 games. by halstevensaa Jan 4, 2015 0 332 No posts yet
Cheaterville has 11 wins against cream puffs. They need 9 more wins to make the NCAA by halstevensaa Jan 4, 2015 0 436 No posts yet
Look out NIT here comes by halstevensaa Jan 4, 2015 0 417 No posts yet
Now I see why Huck is upset with Cheaterville by halstevensaa Jan 4, 2015 0 284 No posts yet
I've just been told Cheaterville will be on Feburary 14 cover of Time magizine the head line will read by halstevensaa Jan 3, 2015 1 341 Last post by Coach Smith a greater man Jan 3, 2015
UNC academic scandal tops list of stories of year by 903 6-7 bahahahahaha Dec 31, 2014 4 409 Last post by seedofdoubt Jan 2, 2015
Insiders are saying UNC will get the death penalty the only by waltbell1 Jan 2, 2015 5 480 Last post by Dukegrad1979 Jan 2, 2015
What Dennis Dodd failed to mention in his report on CBS was that all the student athletes who were involved were cheated and robbed, of an educationm by earnestjbats Jan 2, 2015 4 463 Last post by 45 to 20 L0LZ Jan 2, 2015
Uh oh.....Jay Williams admits Duke has comitted recuring violations on ESPN live by StateC/O1983 Jan 1, 2015 32 865 Last post by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015
UNC football player found guilty of improper benefits for sleeping on a couch. Another guilty for taking a $20 meal. What penalty does Okafor get for appearing in $10,000 box seats with Chance the Rapper at a Bulls game? by StateC/O1983 Jan 1, 2015 16 739 Last post by slickslickson Jan 2, 2015
What other illegal benefits are current Duke basketball players getting? by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015 2 300 Last post by rx74u2nv Jan 2, 2015
Now that Jay Williams has admitted that Duke cheats by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015 1 296 Last post by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015
If Lance got 100K, just image Okafor's paycheck by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015 2 411 Last post by StateC/O1983 Jan 2, 2015

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