The heels are an embarrassment for the ACC

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  • The Texas Butler Nov 28, 2012

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    Butler is not a great team ..Well coached but not great.

  • DooksucksV3 Nov 28, 2012
    Sports Legend

    Why is anyone answering Hal, the only member of the board whom is gender confused?

  • chapillthrill13 Nov 28, 2012

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    R U mad? U sound mad. did you miss the bus?

  • believe Nov 28, 2012

    Yeah, I can tell UNC is way underrated.

  • bbcoach9596 Nov 28, 2012

    Yes the Heels lost tonight but the thing is that UNC will beat the peckers by 24 in both games or worst.Peckers again are very overrated

  • believe Nov 28, 2012

    Actually the trend is the other way right now.

  • SteveR Nov 27, 2012

    Yes they lost 2 games to great, more experienced teams.

    No they don't suck. They have potential, and will continue to get better.

  • believe Nov 27, 2012

    Indiana wins by 24 tonight.

    Butler wins by 24 tonight.

    North Carolina loses to both.

    Go Heels! Really. Go. You suck.

  • SteveR Nov 27, 2012

    I disagree.

  • mcdonaldsallamerican1 Nov 27, 2012
    Towel Boy

    maybe they should move to the usa conference

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