Unc looks good against teams from the USA

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  • The Texas Butler Dec 16, 2012

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    I watch Carolina play this year when I need a good laugh.

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Dec 15, 2012
    Sports Legend

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    Whenever I need a good laugh, I look for WALTERHOGAN1!

    GO HEELS!!

  • walterhogan1 Dec 15, 2012

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    Does that ease the sting of the truth?

  • hovis Dec 15, 2012
    All Star

    Holy heck]. Let me type this in your language: it will probubbly be herder to beet beter teems in basket ball. Good poynt.

  • walterhogan1 Dec 15, 2012

    Conference. I some how think it will be a lot different against real basket ball teams. Lets see yea they will get a little test against UNLV. That game will probably cause ol roy to submit his resignation. If e is still at unc then.

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