Ouch, congrats to State

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  • BeastOnTheHill Jan 28, 2013
    Sports Legend

    good game nc state! state won the first half so big that we could not win the game after taking the second half.

    we had another very poor showing by our PG. No team in college basketball can survive without stellar PG play. Did Roy recruit another LDII? If he doesn't learn to get the ball to a scorer then he won't be a starter next season.

  • wallpak Jan 28, 2013
    Bench Warmer

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    Thanks for the input! Another solid reason to stop making bets. wallpak

  • The1 Jan 28, 2013
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    Try to keep up. That is a result of an avatar bet on the game.

  • wallpak Jan 28, 2013
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    I am taken back by how respectful victory and thrill are as losers to State than when they win. I hope this is a trend that can continues so we can have some objectivity in our competitive discussions instead of the lack of any sportsmanship. Also, how painful is it that victory and thrill have a State image by their post?? Just wonder why you would not be proud of your own colors instead of State. signed wallpak

  • unc70 Jan 28, 2013
    Sports Legend

    If there really aren't any to develop after the top six, then State is mostly starting over next year.

  • kato_karma.v4 Jan 28, 2013
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    Agree -- and the problem is that there are really no legit candidates on the roster to "develop" after their top 6.

  • Wolfpackindahizzy4shizzy Jan 28, 2013
    Sports Legend

    sorry, but that's natural of young men 18-22... they're going to have "ups" and "downs", and they're certainly going to be UP for the big(ger) games. the unc that showed up late saturday was a COMPLETELY different team than what we saw of them against say, virginia. we saw young men that realized they were about to lose by 30, to a school 20 miles away, and knew FULL WELL what kind of criticism that would bring. they buckled down and played like mad men, if they'd done that against UVA, it wouldn't have produced an L.

    the DIFFERENCE between this State team and Lowe's State teams, is that, more oft than not, they WIN the close games, that shouldn't be close. md beat them on the LAST play of the game, and wake got lucky at the end by hacking CJL, and those two losses are offset by poor, lackluster performances against BC, Clemson, and GT to a lesser extent, that still produced W's. Gott's teams don't typically get blown out (once this year), which means his team isn't quitting on him, and he keeps them just focused enough to WIN, which is what you want when the "B" team shows up.

    Long way to go, and they do need to add some depth to the rotation, hopefully they can put some teams away (in these next 11 league games) and give the bench a chance to play.

  • unc70 Jan 28, 2013
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    State still shot 53% in the second half. Carolina only shot 30% in the first, 60% in the second. UNC got behind in the first mostly when rattled freshmen took quick contested jumpers without running our offense, leaving State packed in to rebound and run the break. Carolina's late comeback was in part due to better shooting. But it also seemed that State's players were getting tired and making mistakes.

    State is a six-man team (starters + TJ). They are bigger, stronger, more experienced than Carolina's starters. But Carolina is developing a 10 man rotation; a long ways to go, but the goal is to run opponents until they drop. Hope they can pull enough of the pieces together over the next month.

    I see two areas of concern with this State team. First, they can't lose key players to injuries or fouls. But almost no team can withstand losing a key starter, whatever their rotation depth. The more common problem is from early foul problems for Howell, et al. A closely called game or sometimes a couple of dumb fouls have caused problems for recent State teams.

    The other frustrating problem with this State team is knowing which version will show up on any given night. In most ways, this has changed surprisingly little from when Lowe was coaching. It seems to me that one never know which version of CJL, Wood, and often Lo will show up any given night. I caught a lot of grief last year, especially when I criticized Wood. You can argue about the causes, but the State team that played Duke and Carolina is far different from the one that played Wake.

  • VT1994Hokie Jan 27, 2013
    Sports Legend

    I'll take a 28 point lead and hang on for dear life. State got cocky and didn't play with the same desire in the 2nd. They will hear about this.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again01 Jan 27, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    Are you kidding? Did you see that second half? For most of that half, Carolina could not miss. And if they did, they got the rebound and made the put-back. They played out of their minds in the second half. Good thing State built such a big lead before they got worn down, so they could hold on for the win!

  • StunGunn Jan 27, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Congrats to State - you were clearly the better team and won fair and square. Kudos to the fans in the PNC - they were very lively and their posters are hilarious.

  • rgp677 Jan 26, 2013

    yall go down to allens and get some cue.,make you feel better!

  • Wolfpackindahizzy4shizzy Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    You could have done that yesterday

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

    The Heels put a band-aid on my "Ouch" by continuing to play hard down the stretch! A loss is a loss, but I am not too upset with this one.

  • zanerx Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Nice game, State. See you in Chapel Hill!

  • chapelthrillv2 Jan 26, 2013
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    Well played!

  • The1 Jan 26, 2013
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    Good game , state!

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Jan 26, 2013
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    Now, I will concede the victory! Congrats to State! Your guys earned it!

  • ReasonableJacobSummers Jan 26, 2013

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    Tale of two halves. We will win at home

  • DooksucksV3 Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

    At least UNC is putting effort into making it respectable. Dook just gave up.

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    The same cannot be said about Dook vs Miami!

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

    11pts down, with 5 and change to go! Don't throw in the towel just yet! LOL!

  • fearthewhiteguy Jan 26, 2013
    All Star

    no it was in raleigh

  • DooksucksV3 Jan 26, 2013
    Sports Legend

    You came to play and UNC did not. Congrats on the win.

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