Is Chapel Hill Police using UNC tactics in murder of coed?

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  • wallaceedwards67 Feb 25, 2013

    It is your school . It should have been taken to the police, unless the campus police referred her to the student court? It belongs to UNC any way you figure it.Oh wow I for got attendance in math class is not required. My error ssorry

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Feb 25, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    Classless! The two have nothing to do with each other! Using that poor girls murder to try and prove an asinine point! FAIL!

  • Lux Libertas Feb 25, 2013
    Sports Legend

    We sure swept state college under the rug on Saturday hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!


    #14-1 BLOOD!!! lololl

  • dwolfisatthedoor Feb 25, 2013

    sweep it under the carpet don't mention it, it will go away?

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