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Hatchell, UNC women want college kids of all ages

Posted January 11, 2012

— Wear your blue jeans and a sweatshirt and act like a college kid again.

That is what UNC women’s head coach Sylvia Hatchell advises on UNC women’s basketball game nights at the remodeled Carmichael Arena.

“Carmichael is great,” Hatchell said. “We have a tremendous women’s basketball arena there now. The crowds have been great.”

Hatchell: I love this team Hatchell: I love this team

The charismatic Hatchell has her team off to a 12-3 start despite being riddled with injuries and even after an overtime loss to Maryland Sunday, she believes that the Tar Heels will be in position for their 15th ACC championship game appearance in the last 19 years.

“We have got a great senior group and we’ve got a strong core,” Hatchell said. “We’re looking forward to the rest of the season. I love this team. They’re great kids and they are working so, so hard. It’s really fun to coach them when they give you all they got.”

Even without going to Carmichael, fans in the region will get a good glimpse of the UNC women’s basketball program via the SUV-turned-billboard that Hatchell maneuvers the streets with. The Carolina blue and white truck dons a UNC basketball theme and website information – perfect for the peppy Hatchell.

“It’s interesting driving down the road, the gestures that I get,” Hatchell said. “A lot of people wave and toot their horns at me, but the best thing is I can park anywhere on campus and they just wave me through. Once in a while somebody will cut me off in traffic and I figure maybe they aren’t really a Carolina fan.”

UNC hosts Clemson Thursday night before a showdown at perennial power UConn. They have five more home contests following Clemson including games against both Duke and NC State in February.

Featuring a Carolina women’s basketball museum, reasonably priced tickets and high-quality basketball, Hatchell insists that you can in fact feel like a college kid again at UNC home games at Carmichael Arena.


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  • jbthehuntergroup Jan 11, 2012

    Coach Hatchell continues to do a great job at UNC.

    Go Heels!

  • carrboroyouth Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    Oh no, I'm not offended! Not by any means, so no need to apologize. Didn't mean to imply that you personally were being defensive, it's just a trend I've noticed in some comments about women's basketball, particularly when UCONN was setting records about a year ago.

    We may not agree about high school basketball, but I can agree with you on the NBA comment for sure.

  • carrboroyouth Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    It is my business, seeing as I am one of the fans that attend games.

  • Objective Scientist Jan 11, 2012

    carrboroyouth... none of my comments were stated in any sort of defensive fashion and I certainly had no intention to offend. I played a LOT of basketball, LOVED both practicing and playing the game, coached it some, and have been a basketball fan forever, although I don't like some things about the game today up through the collegiate level... and I do not think what the NBA does is basketball as I know it. I am NOT saying that there should be no women's basketball - at any level. My reaction is primarily from having observed some rather extreme efforts to increase attendance at women's collegiate games. If you think women's basketball is "good" and you enjoy it - that is what is most important. Also the fans who actually attend think it "good" or I presume they would not attend... and of course, without doubt, Hatchell thinks it is good - that is how she makes her "living"... a very good one via basketball. Of course she defends the quality of women's play. Men coaches do the same in defending all sort of things about their programs for the same reason.

    We will have to agree to disagree about women's collegiate teams "destroying" boy's high school teams. The elite teams you names would indeed win against some boy's teams... but have you seen the better boy's teams, especially at the 4A level? Their size, strength, skill, and ability to play above the rim?

  • duane11 Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    mind your own business

  • carrboroyouth Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    I disagree with you. I don't know if you've watched Duke, UNC, Maryland, Stanford or UCONN lately, but they could destroy any high school boys team that I've ever watched. It's the experience that the players have.

    I realize that not all people enjoy watching women's basketball, and that's fine, but for any story I read about women's basketball, there is always someone pointing out the difference in popularity or physical nature of the games when compared to men; why must this always be highlighted? I'm not saying you're doing it for this reason, but it almost seems like a defensive statement.

    I'm pushing back because I loved playing pee-wee basketball when I was a kid, but at every practice and game I had my gender pointed out, the ball never passed to me (still the cootie stage I suppose) and frankly got so tired of being compared to my fellow players - all of them male - that I stopped playing.

    Can we please stop comparing the two? Let them play basketball. It's "good" basketball in my opinion, in the fans' opinions, in the players' opinions, and in Hatchell's.

    There's also an italics button if you haven't seen it. Just noticed that you use quotations a whole lot.

  • Objective Scientist Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    I understand and appreciate your comments... and I have had the opportunity to see the women's teams you listed play - and others. Sure - acknowledged that there are a FEW good women's teams out there and, scattered through the other teams, are a few outstanding individual women players. But all in all... intercollegiate women's basketball is not "good" basketball!

    Regarding having women's college teams "put the boys in their place" if they were to play boys high school teams - no doubt you could take a women's collegiate team from Carolina, Duke, UConn, etc. that recruited the BEST women players across the entire country and even the world and put them up against a 1-A high school team and they may - key word is "MAY" - "put the boys in their place with some teams. Put most women's college teams against most high school boys teams and it is the women who would be "put in their place"! There are exceptions to everything and some women teams would win some games against some high school boys teams... but all in all - the women's college teams would not be able to compete with the strength, speed, skill, and "athleticism" of the high school boy basketball players.

  • carrboroyouth Jan 11, 2012

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    I just knew I couldn't get through the comments without seeing one person commenting about the fans. Grow up.

  • BogeyBoy Jan 11, 2012

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    Nice try but the women play in Carmichael which is about 1000 seats smaller than Cameron.

  • Tarheel born Jan 11, 2012

    View quoted thread

    Apparently you took time to do so.......

    GO HEELS!!




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