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Amile Jefferson adds fuel to Duke vs. NC State

Posted May 16, 2012

Through two ACC expansions, NC State and Duke have not been aligned as primary partners. That and the Blue Devils 21-4 record against the Wolfpack since 2000 have contributed to a watering down of the rivalry.

Amile Jefferson just poured gas on the fire.

A top recruit from the Philadelphia area, Jefferson pinged and ponged back and forth between Duke and NC State. He waited and waited, which teased both fan bases. He told Wolfpack coaches how much he loved what they are doing. They were as confident as you can be in recruiting, that Jefferson would land in West Raleigh. Even ninety minutes before Jefferson's scheduled announcement, a Wolfpack insider told me that Amile would be wearing red and white. 

But in the world if recruiting, coaches, media and fans can't take all of the bait that is being tossed in the water. Until that player gives his choice by voice, hat or shaving a logo in his head, you just don't know.

Jefferson spoke about playing on the same Cameron court where so many greats have. He glowingly spoke about playing for Coach K, the guy who coaches some of the players Amile admires...LeBron, Kobe, Durant. So cynics out there, coaching the Olympic team has helped Duke recruit. 

Amile's dad, Malcolm Musgrove, has said how much street cred Duke has in the Philadelphia area. Some of the credit could go to Gerald Henderson who played his high school basketball in Pennsylvania. Maybe some remember back 20 years when Grant Hill connected with Christian Laettner for the shot that beat Kentucky at the Spectrum in Philly. The power of Duke surrounded Jefferson before he became a prospect. That was a lot for NC State to overcome but credit the staff for staying in the hunt until the final hour.

Amile Jefferson knew if he chose Duke or NC State he would have to face the wrath of the non-chosen fan base during the season. One State fan that I saw the day before Jefferson announced his decision talked glowingly about Amile's game. The day after Jefferson signed up with Duke, that same Wolfpack fan told me Jefferson just wasn't that good anyway. "Go to Duke where your game won't develop," the fan said.

So welcome to Tobacco Road Amile!  Harrison Barnes, who chose North Carolina over Duke, survived his visits to Cameron Indoor. Jefferson will get through playing at PNC arena wearing enemy clothing. He will get an earful and probably won't have time to read all of the creative signs designed just for him. 





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  • blugoat May 17, 6:26 p.m.

    Duke vs. NCSU is a VERY underrated rivalry. These 2 teams hate each other. If it wasn't for... View More

    — Posted by BlueDeviIs00

    Golf clap for you.Of course,Josh McRoberts was rated higher than Thler Hansbrough too.........

  • WolfpackindahouseV.4 May 17, 4:06 p.m.

    The only thing proven by re-posting the same lame web "letter" over and over again is that you... View More

    you're just now realizing this???


    her only "original" thoughts are FAILED prognostications...

    if it weren't for FAILURE, she'd have nothing at all.

  • Hammerhead May 17, 1:43 p.m.

    No Contest....NC State all day long next year. It is there time to beat both Duke and UNC in... View More

    — Posted by peyton1717

    They haven't played any of the games of which ye speak yet.

    — Posted by Hammerhead

    and yet the future hasn't looked this bright in years.


    — Posted by WolfpackindahouseV.4

    OK, but I usually base my opinions on actual games and outcomes, not preseason rankings.

  • sportznut628 May 17, 12:15 p.m.

    Can someone please enlighten me to the fire that is going on between NC State basketball and any... View More

    — Posted by sportznut628

    The only thing proven by re-posting the same lame web "letter" over and over again is that you... View More

    — Posted by The Gooch

    That is his whole point Bovine, you thump your chest for no a Gorilla

  • The Gooch May 17, 11:46 a.m.

    Can someone please enlighten me to the fire that is going on between NC State basketball and any... View More

    — Posted by sportznut628

    The only thing proven by re-posting the same lame web "letter" over and over again is that you have nothing original to contribute of your own. Or are you actually TheUltimateDouche who wrote the garbage you keep posting?

    Oh, and we Pack fans will thump our chests and talk sh!t how ever the f*ck much we want to. Just because some crybaby Dukie or Tarhole thinks we shouldn't is all the more reason to do it.

  • sportznut628 May 17, 11:28 a.m.

    Can someone please enlighten me to the fire that is going on between NC State basketball and any other program? The only fire is in the minds of the delusional fan base known as NC State. Tell me exactly what it is that makes you so great - a sweet 16 visit? Your gianormous victory against San Diego State and GTown..both of who were playing .500 ball going into the NCAA tourney.... I will post this again..and will continue to do so until such time as NC State actually DOES says it better than anything I have run across...

    Dear NC State fans...
    TheUltimateLord All-American
    4836 posts this site
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    Posted: Today 8:41 AM

    Dear NC State fans...


    Meet me at camera 3...

    Listen. We are happy for you. Really. Ask ANY Duke fan if they want State to be a good third team in the area, to help make NC basketball the best area of basketball in the world, and they will say yes. We liked Herb Sendak, we liked the Cool Aid guy, and we honestly welcome the help in representing the ACC nationally. Plus, of course, we hate UNC too.

    That said...

    Please... PLEASE don't start swarming out of the woodwork now that you've had one decent team in god KNOWS how many years and start talking trash. Don't start flooding our boards with your Pack Pride CRAZYTIME and start lecturing Duke fans about anything related to basketball. Not recruiting. Not results. Not coaching. Not legacies. Nothing. You guys have been so, so, SO bad for so many years... wait until you have a few years of sustained, top level success please before you start thumping your chests and acting like you belong in our conversation. You don't. Not yet. Not for a number of years. So thank you in advance. We are all happy for you, we are happy for State, and we are happy that you guys seem to be ascending. But please, keep some perspective and don't let your innermost Pack mentality come out. Last edited Today 8:54 AM by TheUltimateLord

  • The Gooch May 17, 11:03 a.m.

    Best of luck to Amile. Hopefully the rivalry will regain some of its meaning with both teams competing at a high level. Go Pack!

  • heelsforever May 17, 10:40 a.m.

    Lol, NIT run compared to NCAA run. Hickson coming in doesn't even come close to the talent this... View More

    — Posted by RadicalMagick

    Oh I'm sorry, aftyer the SBI and NCAA gets through with UNC, it will not make any difference... View More

    — Posted by RadicalMagick

    Nice response to your own post, hypocrite. Keep in mind, Calvin Leslie is the only area player... View More

    — Posted by Jewelry-EricLeak

    Not hypocritical at all. Leslie was found to have violated NCAA rules and was suspended as he... View More

    — Posted by RadicalMagick

    I'm pretty sure he was only talking about basketball players in the ACC.

  • heelsforever May 17, 10:35 a.m.

    I believe the triangle could be anchored with three top ten bball teams next year. Now that... View More

    — Posted by MO_DUKE IS BANNED

    I think you are right. It's amusing how so many think otherwise. IMO the three schools will finish 1,2, and 3 in the ACC, but I can't tell which position each will take. Each has a unique combination of talent, experience, and coaching. Any one of the three can finish in first place.

  • heelsforever May 17, 10:27 a.m.

    With Jefferson Duke might even beat Lehigh this year..........LOL

    — Posted by Jewelry-EricLeak

    Yeah, and we'll probably make it 7-2 in the last 4 years against the Tar Holes after this... View More

    — Posted by BlueDeviIs00

    What's magical about 4 years? Why not 10, 20, or 50?




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