Mandy Mitchell

The Mitchell Report: A stinky stadium and a rush to judge

Posted September 9, 2012
Updated September 10, 2012

This will serve as my weekly column for notes about things I find interesting outside the Triangle. Enjoy my insights. I will enjoy sharing them ...

-The New York Jets are the latest example of why we should always wait until the regular season to make a judgment on a team. I was in New York after one of the Jets preseason losses and everyone was screaming "what's wrong with the offense?!?". The coaches and players kept saying they were not showing the entire playbook during those games, but people in my business didn't listen. The Jets scored 48 points during the first real game of the season. Glad we spent all of that time analyzing what was wrong with a team that wasn't actually choosing to run its full offense. I'm not ready to jump on the Mark Sanchez bandwagon now. I believe in waiting. I think it's wise to see how they do with a couple of games and judge off a body of work. The preseason is fun for predictions and grand statements but it's getting old. We should practice patience when analyzing a performance. RGIII looked fabulous opening weekend. Let's see how he looks week 12.

-I am becoming a big time Rory McIlroy fan. I think Rory really enjoys being Rory and I find that very cool. He should enjoy being a young millionaire who plays golf for a living and dates a hot tennis player. Rory won his second tournament in a row this week at the BMW. He's playing great golf and he's doing it with personality. He's an entertaining follow on twitter at @McIlroyRory . Last week, he tweeted "winner"---with a photo of himself holding the trophy. Most of us would love to have a cool job like that. We hate it when guys seem to take that for granted. He appears to embrace all that comes with being a star. Good for him.

-If you haven't heard, Rice upset the great Charlie Weis and Kansas on Saturday. Apparently the Jayhawks were not the only ones stinking up the stadium. According to a Kansas TV reporter covering the game, stadium officials had to trap a skunk that was trapped on the third level before the game.The skunk made its way around the stadium the night before leaving various "deposits" for the fans. The critter was eventually caught, but his aroma made its way to the press box. The skunk seemed to be the only one in Lawrence with a "decided schematic advantage" on Saturday.

-NASCAR's chase for the championship is set to begin. Matt Kenseth is in the sport's version of the the playoffs. He is currently driving a Roush-Fenway car but is already set to join Joe Gibbs Racing next year. This remains the biggest mystery to me about the sport of NASCAR. Can you imagine someone who plays for the Red Sox but is signed to play for the Yankees in 2013? It is crazy! I don't understand how a sport built so much on secrets and strategy can let this happen. How can this possibly be good for anyone involved to have a driver actively negotiating with another team?

-My behind the scenes note of the day involves the highlights you see on TV. There is no "magic highlight fairy". It is often a challenge to get video of our local teams when they are playing far away. For example, we were one of the only stations around that was able to access a good quality feed of the NC State/UConn game. We had to dial this up on a satellite which was not easy because WRAL was carrying tennis AND a college football game at the same time. Kudos to our folks in master control for getting this done. I had stations all over the state calling me to ask if I would share my video because they couldn't get it. It's amazing how tough this can be in the year 2012.


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  • iron fist Sep 11, 7:50 a.m.

    Yes Griffin did look good today and I wish people would call him by his name. RGIII sounds like... View More

    — Posted by iron fist


    — Posted by americaneel

    Funny anel

  • Sauras69 Sep 10, 12:16 p.m.

    Nice job Mandy. The Jets saved it all for a real game. They look pretty strong right now.

    Rory has matured into a super golfer this season. He missed a few cuts this year, but look at what he has done lately. A wow factor with his mind set and physical skills.

    Happy that Rice upset the over-rated Charlie Weis.

  • NCCaniac Sep 10, 12:00 p.m.

    Hey Mitchell, RG3 did look "fabulous" today...and I am betting next week he will look just... View More

    — Posted by sickfreak

    Also, your homework before you start once again spouting your opinion as fact. UF's School of Journalism is ranked in the top 10 journalism programs in the country in several recent rankings. (Google is your friend, by the way.)

    The crack about going instead to a "real journalism school" like UNC once again demonstrates the kind of arrogance that some UNC fans that just assume (without verifying) that UNC is the be-all-and-end-all in all things academic. UNC may have some good programs (I will not say all, due to the recent scandals), but they are not the only school in the country with top level programs. Your rank arrogance is not a good look.

  • Leave it to Beaver Reruns Sep 10, 9:58 a.m.

    Hey Mitchell, RG3 did look "fabulous" today...and I am betting next week he will look just... View More

    — Posted by sickfreak

  • caniacman Sep 10, 9:13 a.m.

    What is wrong with a column with random thoughts in it. The point she was trying to make is having a driver still on your team that you know will be working for someone else next season.
    And Sanchez did look good yesterday sprinkled in with a little bit of Buffalo looking like garbage.
    Bigger concern should be for Panter fans. Rivera got out coached big time. How do you only run the ball 11 times against a team that was bottom five last year against the run! Teams have had a full year to watch film on Newton and if a team with a bad D can shut down Carolina what will good defenses be able to do. Very disappointing to watch.

  • Hammerhead Sep 10, 8:26 a.m.

    Mark Packer. LOL. The definition of mediocre blowhard.

  • OHn8tive Sep 10, 7:58 a.m.

    Highlight *fairy*, not ferry, unless they are crossing water to get here.

  • tommybrownnc Sep 10, 6:12 a.m.

    Don't pay any attention to the peanut gallery, MM.

    Sad people who live in trailers and sling mud for no reason other than to be a Deck.

  • mmitchell4 Sep 9, 11:19 p.m.

    Greetings Sick,

    To be fair...The Charlie Sheen cliche was "Winning". McIlroy tweeted "Winner". Please get your cultural references straight and get back to me.


  • sickfreak Sep 9, 9:20 p.m.

    Hey Mitchell, RG3 did look "fabulous" today...and I am betting next week he will look just marvelous, don't you?

    Are you seriously calling these your "insights"? This isn't so much a "column" as a blog of random thoughts on subjects you do not seem to know a lot about. Have you been drinking, madam?

    Where to start....

    Let me guess, you were a "big time" Tiger Woods fan and now you've hopped on a new bandwagon. Good for you! There are lots of "entertaining follows" on twitter, but this guy can play golf, too. The Charlie Sheen cliche is a classic touch by McIlroy.

    Eight years in SC and you do not understand NASCAR? Do you know where Darlington is? South Carolina!

    Did the folks at Capital Broadcasting fact check your resume? I know they are a little lax over there (e.g. Bill Leslie is still working there). University of Florida, huh? I am guessing you do not hold a candle to Debra Morgan (Univ. of Miami -- Magna Cum Laude) on camera. (Although off prompter, she too can be quite entertaining--from a comedy perspective.) Speaking of which, I missed Dennis Miller at the DPAC Saturday night, but this "column", as you called it, had me ROFL. So I am a little less sad I missed Mr. Miller. But I really think they should send you away, oh Mandy.

    Anyway, if this column is 'insightful', I have an island I'd like to sell you.
    Just get on the Staten Island Fairy in lower Manhattan and when it stops, take a look around. I understand property goes for a song in that area.

    Well, may I will just "practice patience when analyzing a performance." It is probably too late now, but maybe next semester you can take a class at a real journalism school -- UNC.

    Finally, God help you if Mark Packer ever reads this "column".




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