Mark Thomas

Niner: Top Nine disliked people in sports.

Posted August 26, 2009

I saw Forbes List of The Most Disliked People in Sports.  It was good, but mine is better!  Besides there are a few in this area, that didn't make my list, but could be put on there by sports fans for whatever reason.  Just so you know, if the coaches named Mike Krzyzewski or Dean Smith, come to mind, it's probably because of their SUCCESS.  Like it or not, that disdain may have some RESPECT in it.


9 – The Steinbrenner’s: Learning some of his best moves from his father, Hank has managed to insult a lot of people in a short amount of time.

8 – Bud Selig: Aside from ignoring the steroid problem. He has had a hand in killing a World Series, a finish to an All-Star Game, and even The Montreal Expos.

7 – Gary Betteman: As the only commissioner to ever kill an entire season, the NHL's boss is pretty much universally disliked among hockey fans.

6 – Nick Saban: Saban left LSU to head to the NFL, and then after leading the Dolphins into the tank with a 1-15 record, he quickly jumped back into the SEC to take over Alabama's program - announcing it by just leaving a note in his former players' lockers.

5 – Donte Stallworth: He drove drunk and killed someone. But it was the 24 DAYS in jail that landed him on this list.

4 – Terrell Owens: Particularly unpopular in the Bay Area, Philadelphia, and Dallas, Owens is well known for his abilities of insulting and baiting a team's starting quarterback, not to mention an ability to write your ticket out of town. On the bright side, he is good at doing push-ups in the driveway.

3 – Michael Vick: The horrific way he brutally killed dogs makes him a reprehensible human being!

2 – Jerry Jones: Let me start with the horrific way he fired Tom Landry. The rest is a by-product of his Texas-size ego.

1 – Rasheed Wallace: Do I really need to give you a reason?


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  • SEC Baby!!! Aug 30, 2009

    How can you hate someone for changing his mind???Women do it all the time.

  • RedIrish Aug 30, 2009

    John Rocker would require people to have an attention span. I'm sure a fair number of people that read this will ask themselves "Who is John Rocker?"

    Rasheed is one of the most annoying crybabies in the NBA, but probably not deserving of the #1 spot.

    I am amazed at this point that there is no Brett Farve on the list. His actions have taken him from being a god in Green Bay to being one of the most despised people in the NFL. In less than 2 years he's now managed to hold 3 teams hostage during rediculous contract negotiations and an endless media circus.

    Selig, should be much higher for the handling of the steriod issue. I have no respect for someone that uses players to make a huge profit and recover from yet another labor dispute, then makes rules and retroactively tries to apply them and in the process throws those same players under the bus.

    Mason, as we talked about on another article, yes, what Vick did was far worse due to the circumstances. His act was willful, malicious, and done for personal entertainment. Stallworth hit a jaywalker crossing a busy street in the dark. Judges don't just hand out short sentences like that for DUI/manslaughter if there aren't some serious issues with the case. I will never be one to say that animal life is more important than human life, because it's not, but as a person, you are responsible for keeping yourself safe as well. It's sad that the guy died, but he had a hand in his own death.

    For the genious talking about the RBC center, many of the players in the NHL will tell you that the RBC center is one of if not the loudest building in the NHL. I guess you know better than guys that travel from town to town playing 80+ games a year though. The title they won also must have been a fluke seeing how they've been to the conference finals or better 3 times this decade.

  • wildwanda27 Aug 28, 2009

    How about John Rocker??????

  • Original Boomerang Devil Aug 28, 2009

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    Quit your whining, goat. Yes, Sheed is a pure tail.

  • duane11 Aug 28, 2009

    who ever you put at the top of your list is your opinion, so deserving it is in the eye of the person making the list...i am sure heels fans would not even put wallace on the list just b/c he is a tarheel....rasheed wallace is a jerk still...he usually leads the nba in ejections,techs, tantrums...i've seen him sabotage the pistons more than once by getting kicked out of a crucial playoff game with a tantrum.....wallace deserves to be on a list of disliked players b/c of his actions and the way he conducts himself...i would use the word dislike in place of hate, b/c i am not sure if hate is the proper word...none of us know these sports figures personally, so we can only go on the way they present themselves to us thru the media....wallace is in a position to be put on the list b/c of his conduct, not b/c he is a former tarheel...i didnt see the list include any other former tarheels, so i would think that the former Wolfpacker that made this list doesnt like his behavior....personally, i am glad plexiglass buress got prison time, b/c i dont like the way he conducts himself..i read articles that talked about the various lawsuits he had against him for not paying people that worked for him...such as landscapers,etc...and taking cars from dealerships w/o returning them..he is a rich sob who felt like he could do whatever he take a gun into a nightclub...u have some athletes that hurt their teams with their conduct(missing team meetings,arguing w/ teammates,loafing on the field/court), and you have some athletes that are solid teammates, but have screwed up personal lives away from the game(getting in bar fights, getting arrested, abusing dogs, etc) person making a list might not care what a person does away from the game as long as he/she is a good teammate...another might say it doesnt matter if u r a good player if u dont conduct yourself properly as a citizen..i never heard of wallace getting in trouble off the court, but on it..diff story

  • wottop Aug 27, 2009

    I don't fault you for disliking Wallace. Isn't complaining during a basketball game slightly less of an offense that killing people and/or dogs?

  • at3lehman Aug 27, 2009

    i disagree with the hate for George Steinbrenner. He is far from the richest owner in baseball, FAR FROM! But, rather intelligently, he spends money on his team and invests it in his product. Sure the Yankees have a high payroll, but they are worth over a Billion Dollars. They have their OWN stadium and cornered the cable market to pay them to carry their games. Sounds like sour grapes when you can't recognize that the George and Sons are just better at the game of fielding a good product than all the other teams. And before you go off saying that the Yankees haven't won since 2000, if you take all the championships they have won since 1923 (their first), 26, and divide them into all the years since, they have won one every 3.3 years.

    Mike Vick/Ron Mexico should be the most hated. What kind of a person can treat animals that way? Do some research on sociopaths and how they treat animals, it may surprise you. Jeffrey Dahmer, oh yeah, he used to mutilate cats and other small animals. Let's not forget the herpes treatment fiasco, water bottle terrorism/drug incident, and flipping off the fans. What a great guy.

    Soon, Tyler H. should be on the list of hated. Overrated, can't dribble, has no range, is not athletic, and loses contact lens on a nightly basis. Oh please scream in Ron Artest's face (should you ever make it off the bench in your 3 year NBA career). PLEASE!

    And, on a personal note, the most hated team should be the Carolina Hurricanes, who have the audacity to think that their stadium is louder than any other. Please, find some sort of scientific way of measuring this with a control study and a null hypothesis and I'll be more than happy to accept it. But, the Hurricanes fans live off of their ONE fluke title and their so-called loud building. Where's Ron Francis? Oh, he's on the ice convulsing from the career ending hit layed on him by Scott Stevens.

  • StunGunn Aug 27, 2009

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    BG couldn't believe that Mark named Rasheed Wallac as his #1 hated sports person. I think that's kind of nuts as well. I mean Wallace has a huuuuuge ego, but I don't see where he warrants beingthe #1 hated sports person.

  • SEC Baby!!! Aug 26, 2009

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    Hey!!!! I like that. Maybe they can bring Scott Jackson back to educate the guys at the FAN.

  • duane11 Aug 26, 2009

    jgunn...what are the good points he made??




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