Jeff Gravley

Is NC State vs. UNC a trophy game?

Posted November 17, 2010

Football teams from Washington and Washington State have played for the Apple Cup since 1900. The winner of the Michigan/Michigan State game gets to keep the Paul Bunyan trophy for a year. "Let's go win the Golden Egg trophy boys!!" That's the cry before Mississippi and Mississippi State take the field.

Since 1948 the winner of the North Carolina and Duke football game has rung the victory bell.

NC State and Clemson have competed in the annual Textile Bowl since 1981.

Does the NC State and North Carolina football game need a name or should the winner get a symbolic trophy? What would it be?

The floor is open for suggestions and debate.


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  • RedIrish Nov 18, 2010

    I thought it already had one, well sort of. I've seen multiple places where the loser has to accept the John Edwards albatross for a year.

  • marylloyd Nov 18, 2010

    How about the Wolf Ram Bowl? Being a Wolfpack fan...definitley not the Ram Wolf Bowl! Go Wolfpack!!

  • rexchex Nov 18, 2010

    During the Great Depression, the North Carolina government headed by Governor Oliver Max Gardner, administratively combined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Women's College at Greensboro, and NC State. This conglomeration became the University of North Carolina in 1971.
    Since these universities were "linked" during the great depression perhaps they could play for "The Soup Bowl"?

  • rollplaya Nov 18, 2010

    Perhaps, Next year you hold a contest to name the rivalry game between UNC/State.! Winner gets tickets to the game and other various prizes.

    Similar to the contest going on now to rename the UNC/Duke rivalry game.

  • jdpope3 Nov 18, 2010

    I believe it should be battle for the bell tower. If you look back in history they have both been a symbol for both universities. I don't know much about chapel hill's but it was built before NCSU's. The one at NCSU is a memorial for all of the WW1 vets who lost their lives except one that didn't but his name is still on the tower. There is a conspiracy theory of why the bells were not completed in the NCSU bell tower. The unc systems president or whoever was in control at that time cut funds out of the blue. It was said he was a strong unc supporter and was scared that the completed bells would make our bell tower outshine the one at chapel hill. Guess no one will ever really know but it is a interesting story and not one that is to unbelievable. That my justification for the "Bell Tower Bowl" or "Battle for the Bell Tower". What do you think?

  • cutclifferules Nov 18, 2010

    From what I've witnessed, only Wolfpack fans want to make this a "trophy" game. UNC already has a trophy game. It comes against their biggest rival, in ALL sports for that matter. And that's Duke University.

    Yes, my Devils have been miserable in football for over a decade, but every program goes through wet and dry spells. NC State knows that better than anyone. It doesn't change the fact that over time, Duke is UNC's biggest football rival. This "it should have a trophy" nonsense is just another example of NC State trying to horn in on the bigger rivalry. Their inferiority complex used to be amusing, but now it is just annoying and sad.

    (I do think the "Edwards Albatross" thing is pretty funny from a UNC perspective, however. Considering they really don't want to lose this game, even though winning it is rarely anything they tend to brag about.)

  • NateACC Nov 19, 2010

    How about the "Triangle" trophy? It could be a pyramid shaped trophy with some secret "freemasonesque style carvings on it of sacred numbers. Like the legendary 41-10 at Kenan? Every year a new score could be carved on it?

  • yurnodiffrent Nov 19, 2010

    If I ever refer to a win over State as "legendary", please kill me.

    Like Cutcliffestinks said, we already have a trophy game. Go ask Wake if they want to be your friend.

  • Ken D. Nov 19, 2010

    What I would rather see is for all 4 ACC schools in NC and ECU to play each other every year (home and home) for the Governor's Cup.

  • Ken D. Nov 19, 2010

    It seems to me that if you have to ask for suggestions for a "trophy", you're trying too hard. It smacks of desperation and jealousy. It screams: We're just as good as Ole Miss and Mississippi State - why can't our game have a name? If you need a trophy to make your game relevant, then it isn't.

    Sure, both sides want to win this game, and sure, bragging rights are involved. That's true for Virginia and UNC as well. It used to be true of State and Wake, and maybe the weakening of that rivalry, which may have started with the move to Winston-Salem, has something to do with State fans' desire to get equal billing with Duke on Carolina's list of rivals.

    So let's not have a contest to give this game a name. That would be pathetic.




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